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Alexe{y|i} Melnikov

Working for Isode

email: alexey.melnikov@isode.com
cell: +44 77 5375 9732
Last updated on 5 October 2008

I've graduated in July 1999 from The Moscow State University, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Department. In fact, I have a Degree with Honor (aka Red Diploma if you translate this literally from Russian). I was born and have spent all my years till graduation in Moscow, Russia.

Currently I am working for Isode Ltd. I am enjoying my time with Isode and my new responsibilities.

I've moved my work history to a separate section, as it was getting rather long. Click here if you are interested.

On December 3rd 2002 my father died from lung cancer at the age on 49. I wish we had more time together, as both of us were in still full force, while being mature at the same time. We were very close and this event will, no doubts, affect me.

IETF Activities

I am an active participant of several Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Working Groups since 1998, mainly in Applications Area and a little bit in Security Area.
In particular, I currently have interest in (but not limited to): I've previously participated in

I am currently co-chairing SIEVE, Kitten and UseFor Working Groups.

A list of different SIEVE capabilities for clients and servers can be seen here

Internet RFCs

I've stopped listing all my RFCs, as I have published 21 so far. You can use RFC editor website to check.

Internet Drafts (works in progress)

More or less up-to-date list of my documents can be found here
I've also participated in discussions of many other documents. The most important are:

Papers and Web Pages

Software projects:

Useful links

Work History

I was working for Epsylon Technologies for almost 2 years, developing Baikonur Mail Server. Little money, but good research environment.

I've left the country right after graduation and I've been wandering around the world since. I've lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for 2 and a half years, working for MessagingDirect. As of March 1 2002 I am working in Richmond office (this is to celebrate my 25th birthday ;-)).

Richmond office has been closed in September 2002 and I was working from the Watford office since October 2002.

Most of my time with MessagingDirect I was working on M-Store. M-Store is a multithreaded crossplatform highly scalable mail server that supports IMAP4, POP3 and LMTP. Sendmail BAMS server is based on M-Store.

MessagingDirect was acquired by ACI WorldWide in January 2001.

Other information about me:

Where I've been as a tourist:

Needless to say, I like to travel.
This page is under construction as most activities in my life (tm) ;-).

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